What is Steve Things?

I want to show you how big companies use data without the price tag.


I've been an entrepreneur since about 2002 when I moved to Finland.

Over the past 2 decades I've founded and sold 2 analytics agencies and in both cases helped the acquiring companies successfully grow their business in magnitudes worth multiple millions per year.

I started out working for small companies and helping them improve conversion rates in 2002 but in 2006 when my first agency was sold, my focus by necessity became the enterprise level companies with 1000+ people working for them.

For the next decade I made those companies 100s of millions in returns on investment but the smallest companies I worked in the majority had over 500 people.

In 2016 when I sold the second agency I wanted to get back to working for the majority rather than the top 0.1% of companies.

This has materialised into 2 things

  • Toristy which aims to help small travel companies get visibility for their experiences by creating marketplaces on high traffic websites in destination (like hotels and online travel agencies).
  • Steve things which is an ongoing project to help people from one man businesses to companies with up to 200 people understand how to get more from data, analytics and digital marketing.

My mission is to help people like you in a small business use the tactics and techniques that the enterprise uses to make their 100s of millions or billions in revenues per year.

Because you're an individual or are part of a small company I know the products and services I sell need to be at a low cost that's affordable and scalable.

Small companies need the same tactics, have the same challenges and great opportunities to take advantage of data, but they don't have the budgets to pay a consultant €1500 a day or €25,000 per project. The cheapest product on my website is €37.

That's why I am developing Steve things.

It's a way to teach the tactics that the big companies use to individuals without charging them the huge associated fees.

Steve Jackson

So who am I? I look a bit like the caricature you see above. I'm a die hard Sunderland fan (literally Sunderland till I die), hence the red and white stripes and a long time data nerd.

I'm now a solopreneur with the mission to help small businesses get the most from their data.

What is Steve Things

Steve Things is the part of my business that can help you identify, develop and monetise data. It starts with a newsletter which I'd encourage you to join.

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