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The Cult Of Analytics

One of my proudest achievements and fairly timeless, a book about building an Analytics culture within an organisation. Forwarded by none other than Jim Sterne and described in glowing terms by many of the pioneers in the Industry, Cult is still selling since its first edition publication in 2009. Now onto the second edition from 2016 you can only get Cult from publisher partners like Amazon.
Cult Of Analytics by Steve Jackson
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Asking Why

I have trained hundreds of people since I began and watched some of them world-class analysts in their own right using some or all of the tactics I’m going to share in this book. Except it’s not a book, it’s a framework.

Books Steve Jackson

The Sucking Manifesto

A book about how we suck with using numbers (data) and what to do about it. A real focus on how to do advertising campaigns. Finally 19 real use cases, case studies and a system to get you started.

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