Fractional Chief Digital Officer

Servicing companies that need help building up digital marketing services on a fractional contract

Fractional Analytics and Strategy

What qualifies me as a chief digital officer?

I have 21 years as CXO or CEO in either start up or digital analytics consulting roles. I have sold 2 companies and helped acquire 2 companies in my career to date in the digital analytics and marketing sector. I've written 3 books, The Cult of Analytics (1st and 2nd Editions), The Sucking Manifesto and Asking Why. I'm also a front end developer for modern Jamstack technology. I've been an effective leader responsible for growing the last agency I worked for to 35 people and €3.5M revenues before leaving to setup a travel start up.

I basically have setup and developed this Jamstack based website, using a headless CMS, Gatsby, Javascript and React. It's being measured by Rudderstack, sending data to GA4, PipeDrive with Google BigQuery as my Data Warehouse. All of this costs about $40 a month depending on my traffic. So if you need someone who knows digital technology and marketing drop me a line.

What skills do I have that are relevant?

  • Analytics (since 2002)
  • Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics
  • Analysis (Insight from data) since 2002
  • SEM (Google Adwords & Microsoft Bing)
  • SEO (Since 2002)
  • Customer Data Platforms (since 2021) (Rudderstack & Segment)
  • Email Marketing (, Mailchimp)
  • CRM (Hubspot, Pipedrive)
  • Content development (for SEO)
  • Full P&L responsibility for companies since 2013 and before that between 2002-2006.

Front end dev skills

  • Javascript
  • Headless CMS (Strapi specifically)
  • Gatsby JS
  • React JS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Git
  • Netlify/Railway app
Fractional Analytics and Strategy
Testimonial From Client or Partner

Steve draws on years of experience to show how to improve results from digital channels without being overly technical.

Dave Chaffey
Co-founder Smart Insights
Testimonial From Client or Partner

The value Steve brings to working with clients is fantastic but what really got me was how Steve gets it. He understands the need to bring thinking and innovation to the client. He evaluates technology partners and positions them carefully for the good of all parties, clients know that when he brings them innovation he has thought it through.

Working with Steve is fantastic as a partner because he also gets how the relationship between technology vendor and consultancy should work, built well and worked on brings results for his clients.

Adrian James (AJ)
Strategic Accounts Executive - Oracle
Toristy Product Sheet
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