Fractional SEO and Content Development

Do you need a content developer specifically around SEO and building up a reputation?

Fractional Analytics and Strategy

What is competent Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

For me there are 3 very simple concepts to follow to make SEO work for you.

  1. Technical: You need to have a very fast, mobile responsive, technically efficient website so that the search engines crawl, understand and index your pages.

  2. Content Development: Then you need a content strategy around the keywords you want. Ten to twenty good articles, case studies and pages that reflect what your website is about.

  3. Linking strategy: Finally you need people that are relevant to your industry pointing directly to your services.

I have techniques for all three.

My SEO Techniques

  1. Technical strategy: I create headless cms based websites (with Strapi) which are lightening fast on Google. If you don't use Gatbsy or React (or don't want to redevelop your website) I can also advise on Wordpress and get the site speed as fast as possible and align it with a technical SEO strategy.

  2. Content: I'm an expert in digital marketing and yet have written hundreds of articles ranging from travel articles to articles about situational awareness for drones. There are some industries I can't write for. But with the help of AI, not that many.

  3. Linking: I aim at where your readers are, find out what the journalists are interested in, quote them, ask them for backlinks and follow up stories to help generate awareness about your brand.

Fractional Analytics and Strategy
Testimonial From Client or Partner

Steve knows a lot more than most people I've met about digital marketing, getting us to number 1 on Google for the term we were looking for in 3 months. While he doesn't know our specific industry very well he picked up the point very quickly, developed the website for us that is technically very well designed and has given us a repeatable strategy going forward that allows our folks to be more effective.

Darryn Trowell
CEO Pentonet
Testimonial From Client or Partner

Steve has done a great job creating content for our website despite not being a resident expert, he quickly got the point of what we needed to do. He built a strategy around situational awareness and BVLOS, two key terms we want to be found for and we now rank for both in the top 10. He also designed, wrote and edited a technical white paper we use for lead generation.

Hannu Lesonen
CEO and Founder Anarky Labs
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