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In recent years, the marketing landscape has shifted dramatically, and businesses are now looking for new ways to deliver personalised experiences to their customers. One of the key tools in this effort is the customer data platform (CDP), which allows businesses to consolidate, manage, and analyze customer data from various sources. To take this to the next level, many CDPs are now incorporating machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into their offerings.

I therefore took the liberty of writing a white paper that I can offer you for free today.

Free white paper

  • An overview of AI/ML used in customer data platforms and how these models work
  • 4 hypothetical case studies of how different types of business might utilise a CDP
  • 56 CDP tools compared from a CDP institute survey
  • My own take on six of these tools including Adobe CDP, Blueconic, Redpoint global, rudderstack, TreasureData and of course Segment (Twilio)
  • A real case study from each tool listed above including some impressive gains each tool has brought their customers
  • Finally my Methodology explained for identifying the kind of tool you need and how to measure the impact
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Scott Sphar

Having written the book on web analytics and how to use it to drive value for your business, Steve is a man on a mission to do exactly that for his clients. We’ve worked together on several projects over the years, Steve has been a valued partner and fellow team member with deep technical knowledge, intuitive strategic thinking, and a talent for focusing in on key business insights.

Making analytics accessible, relevant, and exciting is a feat of great courage that Steve accomplishes with remarkable skill and aplomb. He is a seasoned professional who truly groks his discipline, a valuable partner and comrade in the struggle for effective and meaningful digital marketing, and is a pleasure to work with.

Scott Sphar

Chief Digital Officer - LUXID
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The white paper covers
  • AI/ML in the context of CDPs
  • How a CDP works in 4 industries
  • 56 tools compared
  • Tool deep dive (6 tools)
  • 6 case studies (one each tool)
  • A methodology to select a CDP
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