Using Data Strategically

Creating products from Data

In the year 2000, analytics technology was in its infancy. We had log file software like webtrends or the free "webalizer" that would parse hits to the website into data about visitors and page views.

It was the starting point.

We then went through various phases of browser based tracking. I was once employed to document major corporations with their web analytics tagging instructions that cost more than the analytics tools themselves! Then we moved to the stage where tag managers appeared like Tealium and Ensighten that automated this complicated process. That made it easier before eventually Google offered a strong tag management solution for free that forced those businesses to innovate to stay relevant.

Now we have the ability to do so much more. Tag managers have merged into data privacy tools, others have also gone the route of developing APIs to connect to more data sources. The point being today in the 2020s it's much easier than it was in the year 2000 to manage your data. The data is now regulated which brings much more interesting challenges to the forefront. Companies are going to have to build out 1st party data products in order to take advantage of regulated (privacy compliant) data.

That's where I believe I can help you by moving from reporting, to building data products.

Having written the book on web analytics and how to use it to drive value for your business, Steve is a man on a mission to do exactly that for his clients. We’ve worked together on several projects over the years, Steve has been a valued partner and fellow team member with deep technical knowledge, intuitive strategic thinking, and a talent for focusing in on key business insights.

Making analytics accessible, relevant, and exciting is a feat of great courage that Steve accomplishes with remarkable skill and aplomb. He is a seasoned professional who truly groks his discipline, a valuable partner and comrade in the struggle for effective and meaningful digital marketing, and is a pleasure to work with.

Scott Sphar

Chief Digital Officer - LuxID