Fractional Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)

Servicing companies that need help building up digital marketing and analytics services on a fractional contract

Fractional Analytics and Strategy

What is a chief analytics officer?

A Chief analytics officer (CAO) is a senior executive who is responsible for overseeing the use of data analytics in an organisation.

We're typically responsible for developing and implementing strategies for using data to drive business decisions and improving operations especially around digital content (at least that's where my focus was when I did this full time).

It could involve working closely with other members of the senior management team to identify areas where data analytics can be used, or managing a team of data analysts or recruiting an analytics team. I aslo have experience developing and implementing data governance policies, ensuring that an organisation's data is collected, stored, and used in a responsible and ethical manner.

Does Fractional help? Who doesn't like a piece before trying the whole pie?

One key benefit of hiring a fractional CAO is that it can allow your organisation to access the expertise and experience of a senior executive without the need to make a full-time commitment. This can be especially useful for teams that don't want to risk the resources on, or have the need for a full-time CAO, but still want to benefit from the expertise of a senior hand in the role.

It can also provide you with flexibility, allowing your organisation to scale up or down its use of a CAO as needed. Finally, I don't cost the earth.

Fractional Analytics and Strategy